“Feels Like the First Time”

That’s the quote from Jerry Lee Lewis’ 7th wife after they married earlier this month. For Jerry Lee it’s been at least sixty years since his first one (there’s some discrepancy over the year) so who’s to say what this one feels like compared to that one.

The press release has also made a point of letting us know the bride is the ex-wife of Jerry Lee’s cousin Rusty. Rusty just happens to be the brother of Myra Gale – the infamous third wife of the Killer.

Now, it being springtime, and with all this love in the air and a big wedding having just happened, it seemed appropriate to lay on everyone a Jerry Lee song about marriage: How’s My Ex Treating You.

It was recorded on June 14th, 1962 and his career was in tatters from the scandal and fallout from his, above mentioned, 3rd marriage to his 13 year old cousin Mrya Gale Brown. It shows in his voice, too. Gone is the wild piano man killing the ivories and instead we hear a foreshadowing of the road-worn and weary country singer he would become over the next two decades. He sings a great line about midway through the song:

Like the sands she’ll move with the tide.

He might as well be talking about his fickle fans.

Jerry Lee Lewis, How’s My Ex Treating You (and in case you’re curious that dirty, fuzzed-out guitar is played by Roland Janes.)

Hopefully, the 7th time is the charm. Everyone at the Real Mr. Heartache wish the newlyweds happiness and joy.

Jerry Lee and Myra Gale

Postscript ~ In what just might be the most bizarre marketing spin this side of Washington, Sun Records, attempting to mitigate the damage that familial marriage caused to one of the superstars, released this little gem of a promo. In it George Klein and Jack Clement fake an interview with a (not) triumphantly returning Jerry Lee who had just disastrously toured England as the news of the marriage broke. Rather than diverting attention, this weird and salacious piece kicks down the front door:


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