Asbestos Man: They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

A photograph from the 1939-1940 World’s Fair in New York showing Hildreth Meière’s sculpture of a man clad in asbestos, against a background of metal flames. It was to be the mineral of the future!

A few years later song catcher Albert Lomacks would attempt to publish lyrics to a still not yet popular protest song. To my knowledge it has never been recorded.

Now, would ya look up there!

I see flames, I see smoke

There’s a man, but what does he wear?

That asbestos suit looks mighty grand

He’s more carcinogenic

than my pink teflon frying pan!


About Iaan Hughes

Iaan Hughes is a deejay on 91.3 KBCS in Seattle. He plays country & western music.
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