Just the Facts

In a recent post inspired by the passing of the fine country singer Mel McDaniel I made the dubious claim that Keith Whitley was country music in the 1980s to which critic / writer Adam Sheets countered with Bocephus. Both of us can’t be right; this world ain’t about hug-o-wars. So to “the book” we turn. Since 1970 Joel Whitburn has been collecting, cataloging, categorizing, listing, sorting, compiling, and charting music singles and the hit makers. This is science folks, right up there with discovering ancient civilizations and mixing things that ought not be mixed. Where there is chaos Joel brings order. So here is the actual country music artist of the 1980s using Whitburn’s point system which includes the artists charting position, how long a single stayed on the charts, record sales, and total singles charted.

The number one country artist of the 1980s was Willie Nelson.

In case you’re curious, and you are if you’re still reading this, here’s a few more from the list. Conway Twitty slipped from his number one position of the 1970s to take number two. Merle Haggard was three, Kenny Rogers was four and Alabama comes in at number five. Where do our boys come in? Bocephus at a sad number eight. And my pick Keith Whitley? Well, let’s see there’s Ol’ Waylon at nine and Dolly at eleven, and hmm, Whitley’s friend Mr. Ricky Skaggs is here at twenty-one. Ok, Mickey Gilley is here and Lee Greenwood at twenty-five and there’s Moe Bandy, Anne Murray, and The Judds just past Roseanne Cash at thirty-eight. Mel McDaniel at forty-four, Tanya Tucker’s here and Vern Gosdin and last at number fifty was Exile. Exile? Really?

My fifteen month old son sitting next to me and helping on the project looked up with giant watery eyes and said “what does this mean Daddy?” “Well son, it appears that Keith Whitley, the man your father claimed as the artist of the 1980s didn’t even make the top fifty.” “Are they going to take you away?” “Yes son, that is a distinct possibility. Now, let’s go over the double indemnity clause. Want to go look at trains today?”


About Iaan Hughes

Iaan Hughes is a deejay on 91.3 KBCS in Seattle. He plays country & western music.
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4 Responses to Just the Facts

  1. Chris says:

    I’d say Keith Whitley was far more influential (for better and worse) than his commercial success would suggest. After all, his time on the charts only spanned what, three years?

  2. iaanhughes says:

    I agree Chris, it’s funny how an artist’s influence can grow to the point where when I’m just sitting and thinking about it he’s the one that comes to mind regardless of the chart hits. 33 years old. Damn.

  3. Good post. It’s funny how the world turns. My pick for the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s would place even further down the list, using the same model. My pick would be Mickey Newbury. I am, of course, quite biased, in that I’m his son.

    • iaanhughes says:

      Hi Chris, thanks for reading the blog. It is funny how these things work. Your Dad, as you mentioned, would indeed be further down the list using that kind of metric, but his impact on all of those singers and songwriters is incalcuable. I have loved your Dad’s music for a long time and have had the good fortune of playing much of it on various radio shows I’ve hosted over the years – sometimes by him and sometimes choice covers by others. I blogged about his American Trilogy ( http://iaanhughes.com/2010/01/22/elvis-presley-mickey-newbury-and-an-american-trilogy-a-listener-comment-vol-2/ ) in January 2010, and have long planned a longer piece on him. After I saw you comment I pulled out Live at Montezuma Hall again and was once again blown away by it!

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