I Forgot To Remember To Forget

Mystery Train, that weird, other worldly number, that Sam Phillips once claimed as the best thing he ever did with Elvis, was the B-Side. “I Forgot To Remember To Forget,” was basically a novelty, written by Stan Kesler and Charlie Feathers, and was the most country sounding song Elvis recorded while at Sun Records. It even had a bit of the Ray Price shuffle to it. The song showcased Presley’s range nicely and pointed toward the type of material he’d record at RCA. Mixed up with the other Sun singles it actually sounded quite odd though, even a bit plodding. Peter Guralnick says that Elvis wasn’t too keen on it, but Sam Phillips wanted to diversify his sound a little and talked him into giving it a try. Phillips was right about most everything in the 1950s. He was certainly right about this lovely, forgotten little record as it just so happened to be the future King’s first number one hit on February 25, 1956. Phillips was right about that B-Side too. It was the best thing the two of them ever did.

“I Forgot To Remember To Forget”

Postus Scriptum ~ Adding to the previous posting regarding Webb Pierce, “I Forgot To Remember To Forget,” was the song the knocked Pierce’s duo with Red Sovine, “Why, Baby Why,” from the number one spot. Elvis then knocked his own self off with “Heartbreak Hotel.”


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Iaan Hughes is a deejay on 91.3 KBCS in Seattle. He plays country & western music.
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