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170 Million Americans Can’t Be Wrong

Q. How much of your annual taxes go to public broadcasting? A. $1.35. Q. How many bills are currently being looked at to cut this spending? A. 3 Every month over 170 million Americans use public media – through 368 … Continue reading

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One More Ride – Jim Faddis

Jim Faddis’s voice has the high fragile tension of the last slow song of the night. His music is road-worn and wears a couple of patches, but all for the better in this CGI world. Long the frontman of the … Continue reading

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The Blues Is the Blues – No Matter Where You Are: Johnny Cash and Folsom Prison

Today marks the anniversary of one of Johnny Cash’s shows he gave at Folsom Prison. The live recording that came out of it remains one of the best in Cash’s cannon. It crackles with energy, is at times funny, profound, … Continue reading

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Keeping Two-thirds of a Resolution: How To Make An Atomic Bomb

The Atomic Bomb Combine two oz. of Gin Four dashes of Blue Curacao One oz. of Benedictine Combine the Gin and Benedictine and shake the Blue Curacao over the top. Ka-Boom. Postscript ~ only three people alive today know the … Continue reading

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