Is Chad Kroeger Married? Or The Strange World of the Non-Internet Dating Date

Dear Mr. Kroeger,

When I first wrote about you on November 7th, 2009, or to be slightly more accurate, disparaged one of your songs on that date, I had no idea that nary a day would pass by since then that the search terms “Chad Kroeger” and “Marriage” would be used to find this blog (165 times and counting). It has amused me to no end. I imagine this comes as no surprise to you. Anyone who has this many searches about their marital status must have knowledge of his own lure. Is it the hair? If so, I must get me some of that. Anyway, no disparaging remarks today about you or your band. I feel bad I said I liked that Facebook pickle more than your Northern rockness. Besides, my fragile psyche cannot handle the angry comments of anymore 17 year olds trying to determine whether you love them or love them not. My lighter is lit.


About Iaan Hughes

Iaan Hughes is a deejay on 91.3 KBCS in Seattle. He plays country & western music.
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6 Responses to Is Chad Kroeger Married? Or The Strange World of the Non-Internet Dating Date

  1. Angie Rzepkowski says:

    Ok..did you answer the question…is he married or not??? And Chad…I ♥ u…more than anything in the world…. you could ask anyone in wisconisn…*I have relatives in Canada* hehe xD lol

    • iaanhughes says:

      I suppose I didn’t answer the question. I’ll ask him next time I see him, or at least look at his ring finger. If he’s single I’ll put in a good word for you.

  2. Stef says:

    I met him in Anaheim, CA last Friday, and he wears a ring on his left ring finger, in American wedded style, but it doesn’t look like a wedding ring. He remains a mystery….just as he wants it, I’m afraid. ;D

  3. aperalta says:

    He is NOT married beleive me She got the house he lives in an apartment visits her now and then sad she began to control him and he ran He is to messed up for anyone whacked to say the least

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