Dave McCann and the Firehearts: Dixiebluebird

Big, loud, twangy rock n roll. Nothing new here, but what is new under the lucky ol’ Sun? Certainly, not the left arm hanging out the rolled down car window burn you’ll get while cruising to this Americana gem. For those of you already familiar with Dave McCann and his Alberta band, they remain the same group of shaggy hillbilly northerners they always were, only with a slight name change to the Firehearts. And, who can blame them? The Firehearts, as a name, kicks ass. It makes me want to rock out with my, hang on, I have to fish another can of Molson out of the river.

Where was I? Will Kimbrough produced the album, and I have to wonder a bit about the wings on the cover which is eerily similar to the wings on his new album cover. Despite the wings, though seeing his name was a good thing. He’s sort of like Buddy Miller, always there behind the curtain of all this great music from folks like Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell, and of course his longtime buddy Todd Snider. These are all people that do what they do unapologetically. That, I think, is the secret behind Dixiebluebird. Some guys do this kind of thing and sound just terrible, but Dave McCann and the Firehearts make it beer can fun. That is why, with the sun shinning down on this fine Seattle afternoon, I blasted the album out of my open car windows while cruising across the I-90 bridge on my way home from the KBCS studios and for once wished the drive lasted five more minutes.

Post script ~ Canzoni che hanno da offrire esattamente quello che promettono i titoli stessi: ovvero sia il teatro di una eterna azione fra chilometri percorsi e note suonate, parole semplici e semplici riflessioni, che si uniscono magicamente e non stancano quando trovano l’interprete giusto. McCann ribadisce una volta di più non solo la sua qualità di rappresentante del più sincero alt- country in circolazione, ma anche il feeling sempre più stretto fra questa musica e gli artisti canadesi, da qualche anno a questa parte un mondo parallelo e credibile dove i sogni americani sembrano essersi inspiegabilmente trasferiti e moltiplicati.

-Fabio Cerbone


About Iaan Hughes

Iaan Hughes is a deejay on 91.3 KBCS in Seattle. He plays country & western music.
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