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Thirteen Men

Last night I was dreamin’ I dreamed about the H-Bomb Well the bomb went off and I was caught I was the only gal on the ground Mmm, there were thirteen men and me the only gal in town That’s … Continue reading

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You Hit Me Like An Atomic Bomb

Want to hug and kiss you and give you a squeeze You make me radioactive in my knees Fay Simmons was a young girl from Philly, about 21, when she recorded You Hit Me Like An Atomic Bomb.  The first … Continue reading

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Radioactive Mama

Sheldon Allman’s career is difficult to sum up. Do you remember the aliens at the end of the Twilight Zone episode The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street? He was one of them. How about the singing voice of Mr. … Continue reading

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When They Drop the Atomic Bomb

Not much is known about Jackie Doll or any of his not-so-famed Pickled Peppers. How does that happen? Kid walks into Chicago’s Mercury Records in 1951, lays down 6 sides and is gone. A no hit wonder lost in the … Continue reading

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