Guided Missiles has probably never been sung at an Under the Sea dance. It’s too bad too, a song like that could have thrilled many a young teen into sneaking off into a corner. Recorded in 1956 by the Cuff Links, four men off duty at McClellan Air Force base, for Dootone Records in California here’s a love song that understands what’s at stake.

Zooooom, guided missiles.

Zooooom, guided missiles


Guided missiles, aimed at my heart

Bound to destroy me, tear me apart

Guided kisses none of them true

Now I know the enemy is you

Here’s a fellow that’s been heartbroke before and knows what awaits even as she walks toward him. He hangs back, letting her make all the moves, a glutton for the coming punishment….

Guided missiles, bound to explode

Destroying my heart is your goal

You’ll have succeeded in making me blue

Now I know the enemy is you

He knows what she is all about. He’s seen this all before. Alfred Gaitwood, Sgt. Maj. UASF had been stationed in Tripoli, Libya and spent much time in the famed Garden City Glee Club and you better believe he had seen it all before.

You weaken my defenses

With your tender kisses

You knew when you loved me

I never would resist

And why would he really. The Cold War playing itself out around him. He’s so far away from home, cut off, enduring assault. Guided missiles indeed.

Now you’ve got me, I’ll give in

Trusting you was my only sin

But the same guided missiles

Will get you in the end

The inevitable. But wait, there’s a twist. Maybe he’s not the only one ensnared. Love has many victims and these missiles are heat seeking.



About Iaan Hughes

Iaan Hughes is a deejay on 91.3 KBCS in Seattle. He plays country & western music.
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